Folding doors

FinDoor folding doors are industrial grade doors that open sideways. We fabricate the folding doors to precise custom dimensions at our factory in Finland.

Folding doors are exceptionally good choices for the following applications and more:

• indoor sports arenas, fabrication plants, shops, exhibition halls, drying plants, equestrian riding schools, garages

• barns

• fire stations

• car washes, washing stations


On doors opened manually:

There are handles for opening and closing on the interior side of the folding doors. The doors can be locked into their open position.

The hinges lift the door off the base, thus making them lighter to operate and proactively preventing wear on the door seal weather stripping. Even huge doors are very light to operate.

On doors opened by electrical power:

Doors using electricity for opening are easy to operate by remote control. The door comes with the appropriate safety features and a control center, from which one can adjust, among other things, how fast the door opens.

There are many options for operating devices:

• Push-button(s) switch mounted to the wall(open, stop, close)
• Remote control

• Electric eye (photocell)

• Drawstrings or chains

• A signal transmitter with one or two channels

• A code-requiring keyboard

• The doors are operable even during electrical power blackouts


We use EPDM rubber for our weather stripping, and this withstands even in severe conditions. 

Door seal on the top edge

The folding door is a little higher than the door opening and thus seats against the jamb with the weather strip between them effecting the seal.

Weather strip to seal between door leaves

The space between adjacent door leaves is sealed by a pair of weather strips with male-female configuration.

Door seal weather stripping at left and right edges

In its closed position, the folding door is wider than the door opening and thus seals against the edges of the door opening.

Door seal weather strip at the bottom

The folding door is sealed against the floor by a dual (1 + 1) set of door sweeps. The hinges lift the door off the floor, and thus the lower edge weather strip is long-lasting and the door requires little force to open.


The windows are of double layer thermo-pane units (2K4-9 – thermo-pane elements). They retain their clarity and are easy to clean.

There are two window patterns.

Windows with rounded corners

The periphery of the window unit is bordered by a rubber seal.

Rectangular windows

The window unit is embedded in an anodized aluminum frame.


Our folding doors have coated surfaces of sheet steel sheeting. 

  1. Coating
  2. Paint primer
  3. Passivation layer 
  4. Zinc layer
  5. Sheet steel
  6. Underlying coat of paint


• CE-approval for machine and hand operated folding doors, EN 13241-1

• CE-approval for folding doors with a fire resistance classification EI30: SFS-EN 1634-1

This product is among the best of its kind in the marketplace with regard to durability against wind pressures, waterproofness and airtightness.

• Waterproof classification: 3 EN 12489 and EN 12425

• Wind pressure classification: 4 (good to a height of four meters) EN 12444 and EN 12424

• Airtight classification: 4 (determined by size of the door) EN 12427 and EN 12426

Factors affecting the specifications of the door openings:

Direction of opening. The folding door is not installed between the extremities of the door opening, but against the surface of either the interior or exterior faces of the door jambs (top and sides). In this respect, some space will be required inside or outside the building to accommodate the operation of the door.

The size of the door and the number of leaves.

The machinery used to operate the door.



Folding door with 3 or 4 leaves requires:

7 in of flat surface to the left and right of the door opening to provide storage space for the door when folded to open the doorway.

Mounting surface 4 in to the left and right of the door opening. Further recommendation: installation will be easier with the provision of 5 in of mounting surface width.

Folding door with 5 or 6 leaves requires:

14 in of flat surface to the left and right of the door opening to provide space for the door when folded to open the doorway

Mounting surface 6 in to the left and right of the door opening. Further recommendation: installation will be easier with the provision of 8 in of mounting surface width.


A hard mounting surface of 5 in width above the top of the door opening. A guiding track will be inserted into the top jamb to guide the motion of the door when opening or closing.

• If the door width exceeds 18 ft, or the door has many windows, then the width of this track insertion space needs to be 8 in.


The folding doors can be mounted upon wood, concrete or steel.


The folding door has a pair of rubber door sweeps against the floor to effect a weather seal. This sealing is most effective if the floor is flat underneath the door. It is possible to also install an iron threshold strip across that part of the floor directly under the closed door. 


Two different models are available.

Machinery that is fastened to a door leaf.

• Light beam operated

• Available for the 3 and 4 leaf folding doors

• The door operating machines are installed on the two leaves, either furthest from (as in the illustration) or closest to the centre of the door. 

Chain drawing machinery

• Operated by electricity

• For 4-leaf doors

• Requires at least 16 in of space upward from the top of the opening, and at least 10 in of space to the left and right of the opening edges.

• Available also for 6-leaf doors. Inquire, in that case, about the different opening related specifications!

What kind of worker lifting devices must I order for the installers?

If the door opening is more than 10 ft high, we will need an electric powered worker lifting device for the installation day.

The best lifting platforms:

• For an inward opening folding door: a battery-powered scissor-lift platform

• For an outward opening folding door: a trailer mounted articulating or telescoping boom platform lift

• If the folding door will have chain drawing opener/closers, then we will need two separate worker lifts

Lifting device requirements:

• One installer will be able to work at the elevation of the upper door jamb

• The installer can control the lifting device from his elevated work station

• The lifting device is able to carry one installer and his tools

What kind of guarantee does the door come with?

Our doors come with a two-year guarantee regardless of the delivery and instalment arrangement. The guarantee can be extended with a service contract.

Will the folding door make the usable door opening narrower?

The folding door is installed against the interior or exterior plane of the wall, and, when it is opened, the leaves fold into spaces located behind the door jambs. Therefore it will not narrow the door opening. 

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