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FinDoor was born out of a genuine need

The first Findoor model was born in 1989 when the entrepreneurial brothers of H.Jaara & Co. were in search of a suitable door solution for their hall. Unable to find one that met their needs, the Jaara brothers decided to create their own. The company’s first folding door quickly became a hit: many truck drivers passing through the hall were captivated by the door and ordered one for themselves. Word spread among the local entrepreneurs. The door sold itself.

Findoor produced custom-made folding doors for customers, catering to their specific needs. The doors started to gain popularity in halls, barns, and other buildings. Over the past 30 years, Findoor’s folding doors have spread throughout Finland. Our dedication to customer feedback and involvement in product development has resulted in meticulously crafted and revolutionary Findoor doors.

Year 1950

H. Jaara & Co. is established for gravel driving

Year 1971

Gravel driving changes to wood driving

Year 1981

Plowing the forest is included in business

Year 1989

The first door is made for own hall

Year 1999

Due to the high demand for doors, driving and plowing the forest are replaced by door manufacturing and the company’s name changes to FINDOOR OY

Year 2016

The first salesperson is hired and the sales organization begins to develop

Year 2018

The Swedish sales company is opened

Year 2019

Sales of folding doors in Canada started and a North American subsidiary is established

Year 2022

A subsidiary is established in Germany which is responsible for the European market

Year 2023

Significant improvements made to the products, improved energy efficiency

New door operator introduced to the market

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