Lightweight, weatherproof, and easy-to-use folding doors for barns

No freezing, rusting, or jamming – just a door that guarantees smooth operation every time

Findoor doors are very popular on both new and old farms. Durability, weatherproofness, and ease of use are crucial features for farm doors. Even large doors open effortlessly with manual operation. We manufacture doors tailored to fit your needs, allowing easy access for machines of any size. Our doors can be equipped with a reliable remote control system, facilitating movement with the machinery.

Keisala’s farm is familiar from the “Maalaisjärki” YouTube channel. Anna, the founder of the channel, and Aleksi, the agricultural entrepreneur of the Keisala farm, have been satisfied with Findoor. The reliability of the doors and remote control are especially important to them. See the rest of the comments in the adjacent video!

Our strengths for farms


Findoor doors are durable due to their simple and lightweight structure. Steel hinges ensure durability even in heavy use.


Findoor’s door seals are made of durable EPDM rubber. The door mechanisms are designed to tightly press all the seals against the sealing surfaces.

Ease of use

Findoor’s doors are easy to use thanks to the user-friendly lock handle and light usability.

Open doorway

Findoor folding doors open completely off from then opening, allowing safe passage for even large machinery without damaging the doors.

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