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A functionally reliable and almost maintenance-free door

A durable and effortless solution, Findoor offers folding doors that require no inspections and are easy to operate with or without an operator. Our doors are customizable to your desired color, window size, and additional features. Whether you prefer using the entry door or remotely opening it from afar, Findoor provides convenience solution for you. We manufacture doors to fit your needs, allowing easy access for machines of any size.

Närko Ab’s workshop manager, Niko-Petteri Kinnari, was especially pleased with Findoor’s swift action and expertise. “It’s pleasant to work here,” says Kinnari, as the change of hall doors eliminated temperature fluctuations. “Doors are easy to use and work very simply… and a good locking mechanism,” summarizes Kinnari. Watch Närko Ab’s experience video on the adjacent video!

Our strengths for halls

Energy Efficiency

Findoor folding doors bring savings in heating costs. The heat transfer coefficient has been tested according to standard EN 12418. With its sandwich structure and thermally broken aluminum, the Findoor folding door is energy efficient.


Findoor’s folding doors are lightweight and easy to use. The majority of our doors are sold as manual, but to an increasing extent also with automation. There is no inspection requirement for electrically operated folding doors.

Long Service Life

With minimal moving parts, our doors ensure a worry-free and reliable experience. After installation, our folding doors effortlessly withstand the test of time with minimal maintenance, providing a service life of 20-30 years.

Fast Customer Service

We manufacture our doors in Finland, ensuring that any broken door or part can quickly be replaced. Our skilled installers travel across Finland every week, allowing us to promptly respond to any needs if necessary.

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