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In special projects the installation environment, door technology, manufacturing, size, purpose of use or conditions differ from normal


At Findoor, we provide tailored services to meet your specific needs. Our experts work closely with you to design a door that serves your requirements. Feel free to reach out and let Findoor solve your door needs.

Rare are the challenges that the experts at FinDoor cannot solve

HELEN is a company owned by the city of Helsinki that provides services such as electricity and district heating to its customers. Among the company’s properties are power and heat plants, which require a variety of doors that can withstand tough conditions. Sometimes there is high humidity, while other times there are strong air currents. Findoor’s doors perform well even in these challenging environments.

“Cooperation with Findoor has been extremely easy and uncomplicated. The size of the doors has not been a problem, we have gotten doors that are just right for us. Delivery times have been exceptionally good. We always dismantle the old door first to make way for the new one, and there is a huge gaping hole. It is important that the new door arrives on time as agreed. And has always come. A clear and confident impression remains about the operation. What is promised is also delivered. Many suppliers have not had the opportunity to offer this kind of service that can be obtained through Findoor.”

Our Strengths for Special Projects


We manufacture our doors at our own factory in Ii, allowing us to design tailored doors that perfectly match our customers’ needs.

Modern systems

We have our own management system that retains all door information and models. In case of damage, we can easily access the door details and provide assistance quickly, even on tight schedules.


With over 30 years of experience in door manufacturing and special projects, FinDoor is dedicated to helping customers find functional door solutions for even the most challenging spaces.

Detailed plans

At Findoor, we always go through detailed plans with our customers for special projects. This allows us to ensure efficient installation and smooth operation of the door.

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