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Strengths of our fire doors

Designed with extensive experience and customer feedback in mind, crafted to operate effortlessly and endure prolonged use.

1. Sealing

Findoor offers folding doors with fire-resistant EPDM rubber seals. These unique seals ensure a tight fit between the door panels and the door frame. Surrounding the door are strong 25mm seals that press firmly against the edges of the door. When the door closes, a 40mm high double seal presses tightly against the floor. The structure of the seals is designed to be frost-free.

You can find illustrative images of seals at the bottom of the page.

2. Lifting hinge

Folding fire door comes equipped with a steel lifting hinge as standard. This lifting hinge reduces the effort required to operate the door, allowing for easy one-handed use even with larger doors. When opened, the door smoothly lifts 20 mm in a continuous motion. In addition to its effortless operation, this lifting feature helps to avoid unnecessary wear of the seals.

3. Locking mechanism

The manual folding fire doors feature a locking mechanism that attaches to the counterpart on the upper frame. This mechanism does not lock to the floor, allowing for a seamless threshold, except for a small floor guide in the center. The motor takes care of the locking in the electric folding doors.

Standards compliant

Our fire-rated doors can help you slow down the spread of fire in your building, reducing property damage and preventing harm to individuals. All our fire-rated doors are tested by Notified bodies and meet the requirements set by authorities for fire doors. We manufacture our fire-rated folding doors in our own factory, while our sliding and frame doors are produced by our trusted partners, ensuring that they are made to the agreed specifications and timelines.

fire resistance classification

Findoor offers fire-rated folding doors with an EI30 fire classification, as well as sliding and frame doors with EI30, EI60, and EI120 fire classifications. The fire-rated folding doors have the same appearance as our regular folding doors, but are heavier due to their structural design. The maximum size for a fire-rated folding door is 5m x 5m. All fire-rated folding doors can also be equipped with a door opening machinery.
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What is the fire resistance classification?

The code EI for fire resistance reflects the tightness and insulation quality of the door. The letter, E, for tightness, means that neither fire nor the gasses from the burning can get past the door. The letter, I for insulation denotes how fast, in minutes, the temperature will rise on the non-burning side of the door.

A classification of EI30 denotes that the door will resist the fire for 30 minutes with respect to tightness and insulation quality. Generally speaking, it is sufficient to have doors with a fire resistance classification of one-half that of the walls. For example, if the fire resistance classification of the walls is EI60, then often the classification of EI30 will be sufficient for the doors.


General information about our folding doors

Technical Specifications

  • CE marking, manually operated folding doors and doors with opening machinery, EN 13241-1.
  • CE marking, fire-rated folding doors with EI30 classification, EN 16034.
  • Water resistance classification: 3, EN 12489 and EN 12425.
  • Wind pressure classification: 4 (up to a height of 4 meters), EN 12444 and EN 12424.
  • Air permeability classification: 4 (determined by door size), EN 12427 and EN 12426.

More specifications: For Designers

Framing instructions

Framing instructions for folding doors by door type: For designers

Colour options

  • We use the RR color chart, under the RR color you will see a reference to the closest RAL equivalent
  • Colour Palette – Standard Colours
  • Ask our sales team about other colour options
  • Note! The color shade visible on the screen may slightly differ from the actual color shade. Contact the seller to confirm the exact color shade


At Findoor, our doors come with a two-year warranty. The warranty begins upon delivery (for delivery and pick-up doors) or installation (for doors installed by Findoor). This warranty covers any material or manufacturing defects that arise during the warranty period. Additionally, if Findoor has installed the door, the warranty also covers any possible installation errors. During the warranty period, Findoor commits to repairing, replacing, or compensating for products that are found to have significant manufacturing or material defects that substantially impair their functionality. Replacing a product or part during the warranty period does not extend the original warranty duration. Repairs for eligible warranty issues found during the warranty period will be performed free of charge. The warranty does not cover faults that arise from normal wear and tear, neglect of maintenance, incorrect installation (for delivery and pick-up doors), improper or careless use contrary to manufacturer instructions, or any other external factors that harm the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of personnel lift is needed for installers?

If the door opening is over 3 meters high, we will require an electrically operated personnel lift for the installation day.

Best Lifts:

  • Inswing folding door: Battery-powered scissor lift
  • Outswing folding door: Towed articulated or telescopic boom lift
  • If a chain operator is installed on the folding door, we will need two personnel lifts.

Lift requirements:

  • One installer is able to work at the height of the top edge
  • The installer can operate the lift from the top basket
  • The lift can carry one installer and tools

What kind of warranty does Findoor offer on its doors?

At Findoor, we offer a two-year warranty regardless of the delivery method. Extend your warranty period with our maintenance agreement. Learn more on the Warranty tab.

Does a folding door narrow the opening?

The folding door is installed on the inside or outside surface and opens behind the side jambs, so it does not narrow the opening.

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