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Strengths of our Frame Doors

Designed with extensive experience and customer feedback in mind, crafted to operate effortlessly and endure prolonged use.

1. Thermal break structure

All the aluminiums surrounding the door have a thermal break structure. The door is constructed with 60 mm thick sandwich structure, ensuring optimal thermal insulation.

2. Sealing

We use high-quality weather and wear-resistant EPDM rubber seals for doors. Our seals are designed to withstand freezing temperatures and ensure a tight fit against the door frames. With our advanced door mechanism, all seals are pressed firmly against the door frames, guaranteeing optimal insulation. To get a clear understanding of our seals, check out the illustrative images at the bottom of the page.

3. Threshold Options

Choose between a 50mm high threshold or a double sweep rubber seal, ensuring a seamless entrance with no threshold left behind.

4. Locking

Frame doors comes with a standard lock case, lock body, handle sets, and a closing door pump. We also offer electric locks and their installations. For more information, please inquire with our sales representatives.

Reliability of a Frame door

Findoor’s entry and double doors are a durable and tight door solution designed for demanding conditions, such as those found in a barn. These doors are specifically designed for professional use, ensuring they can withstand heavy wear and tear day after day without compromising their reliability.

Doors are designed with minimal moving parts, reducing the need for maintenance. After installation, a simple lubrication of the hinges will ensure that your door lasts effortlessly for the next 20-30 years. We provide a two-year warranty on all frame doors, regardless of the installation method used.

Durable materials

Frame doors are available as single-panel entry doors or double doors. These doors feature a surface made of coated steel sheet and a structure made of water-resistant materials.

Customize your frame doors with options such as various window sizes or ventilation grilles.

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Aluminum frames and hinges can also be painted to match the surface of the door. This allows for customizable appearances, perfect for architectural projects as well.

General information

Technical Specifications

Safety tests have been performed on the frame door to ensure the safety of the product.

  • The frame door has been tested in accordance with the standard EN 13241-1 + A1, which confirmed safe opening and impact forces.

    More specifications: For Designers

    Colour Options

    • We use the RR color chart, under the RR color you will see a reference to the closest RAL equivalent
    • Colour Palette – Standard Colours
    • Ask our sales team about other colour options
    • Note! The color shade visible on the screen may slightly differ from the actual color shade. Contact the seller to confirm the exact color shade


    At Findoor, our doors come with a two-year warranty. The warranty begins upon delivery (for delivery and pick-up doors) or installation (for doors installed by Findoor). This warranty covers any material or manufacturing defects that arise during the warranty period. Additionally, if Findoor has installed the door, the warranty also covers any possible installation errors. During the warranty period, Findoor commits to repairing, replacing, or compensating for products that are found to have significant manufacturing or material defects that substantially impair their functionality. Replacing a product or part during the warranty period does not extend the original warranty duration. Repairs for eligible warranty issues found during the warranty period will be performed free of charge. The warranty does not cover faults that arise from normal wear and tear, neglect of maintenance, incorrect installation (for delivery and pick-up doors), improper or careless use contrary to manufacturer instructions, or any other external factors that harm the product.

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